Many individuals decide to not purchase various forms of insurance for many reasons. Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance, Disability insurance and or other forms of personal or group insurance can help to protect individuals from potential issues. Without a sound insurance plan, a personal injury, critical diagnosis or even death can begin to put a serious financial strain on a family.

A loss of an income in a household is never a welcomed occurrence. Bills can begin to pile up and this can further the existing burdens that the family is dealing with. Do not let your illness or other catastrophic loss be worsened by pending payment requirements.

At Puhl Employee Benefits we can provide a sound solution to these potential issues. With a Creditor Payment Protection plan, payments on credit cards, mortgages or other pending payment requirements. Book a payment protection consultation today.

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This additional coverage plan can be ideal for keeping you financially protected when an illness, injury, death or other serious loss impacts your family. Based on the specific plan your payment protection coverage can make entire, partial or minimum payments on credit cards, utility bills, car loans, your mortgage or other potential financial stresses. The Payment Protection plans offered by Puhl Employee Benefits are set up based around your desired coverage group, the specific coverage limit requirements and your personal budget. For more information call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today.

The Creditor Payment Protection policy that you set up will be tailored to your needs and provide specific benefit features. Some of the general features of this plan are:

  1. The plan is available for assisting with deaths, accidents, illnesses, disability, and involuntary unemployment issues.
  2. A claim involving death, critical illness or accidental death can be paid either in monthly instalments or in a lump sum.
  3. Disability or involuntary unemployment can pay a portion of your bills until your find yourself back on your feet or the policy maximums have been reached.

These flexible and effective benefits can keep you and your loved ones secure in a time of need.

A variety of information will be required in order to submit a full Payment Protection Plan quote. The three key pieces of information are:

  1. The type of group you wish to cover.
  2. The type of financing and payment options that are desired.
  3. The size and demographic range of the proposed group.

After your quote is agreed on, more in-depth and flexible coverage options can be explored.