Critical illness insurance can provide a range of specific benefits while helping individuals deal with a difficult and serious diagnosis. When hospital and other bills and on the rise, just as a diagnosed individual becomes unable to work, critical illness insurance becomes vital to maintaining an individuals or a families financial security. Provincial health plans and existing benefits plans may not include or have adequate critical illness converge. Additional or stand-alone critical illness insurance can be so important to obtain. Critical illness and disability insurance are not the same.

Let Puhl Employee Benefits work to provide you with the ideal stand-alone critical illness insurance, or with additional living benefits to suit your specific lifestyle and potential coverage needs. Our team has years of experience helping individuals and businesses across Alberta with their critical illness insurance living benefit needs. Book a critical illness living benefits consultation with Puhl Employee Benefits today!

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Critical illness insurance helps to relieve the financial burdens that can be associated with loss of income and increased bills, due to a critical illness diagnosis. Some of the specific advantages of critical illness living benefits with Puhl Employee Benefits are:

  1. 23 conditions are covered with this critical illness policy.
  2. 2nd diagnosis coverage is available for individuals facing additional illnesses or a second separate illness.
  3. Hip & Knee replacements can be covered with critical illness insurance.
  4. Early stage prostate cancer and every stage of breast cancer can be covered with this policy.

Some of the features of this plan as a stand-alone critical illness policy are:

  1. Guaranteed issue limits of $25,000 to $150,000 depending on the number of individuals being protected.
  2. Optional additional $25,000 limit increase.
  3. Options to reduce pre-existing coverage periods.
  4. CAREpath Caner Assistance can be available.
  5. Plan termination can be options for individuals over 65 years of age.

Developing a custom quote allows you to fully understand what form of critical illness coverage will be best for you and your employees. Your critical illness living benefits quote can be designed to suit your lifestyle, organisation and budgets. Some of the required aspects of a critical illness living benefits quote are:

  1. Your gender or the genders of those covered
  2. Various dates of birth for policy recipients
  3. The amount of desired coverage

For more information or to schedule a critical illness insurance consultation, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today. We can help you with your critical illness coverage, as well as with any other stand-alone or addition insurance needs.