Critical Illness Insurance & Coverage

Recovering and or healing from a critical illness is discomforting enough without being worried about the financial burden. The last thing anyone wants to worry about while recovering from cancer, a stroke or some other major illness, is the financial situation being created from them not working. That is where critical illness insurance coverage can ease this process. Critical illness & disability insurance can provide you the financial coverage you need to focus on a safe and successful recovery from your critical illness.

Puhl Employee Benefits can help with all your Critical Illness insurance needs. Our team has what it takes to help you get the most from your policy. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to learn how we can help ease your critical illness recovery process!

Critical Illness Insurance With Puhl Employee Benefits

Your critical illness coverage plan set up and claims processes should always be handled by a trusted insurance professional. At Puhl Employee Benefits we have over 20 years of professional insurance experience. You can trust all your critical illness insurance and claim application needs to the experts at Puhl Employee Benefits. The team at Puhl Employee Benefits will help you get the absolute most from your critical illness insurance policy. Contact us today to schedule a critical illness insurance consultation!


When is Critical Illness Coverage Needed?

When individuals face a serious and often life-threatening illness major recoveries can be required. These recovery processes can then take individuals out of work for a prolonged period, which results in their income being lost. That is where critical illness coverage fills the financial gap. A lump sum will be provided in order to ease your recovery process and provide you peace of mind so that you can focus on getting better. For more information on critical illness insurance, contact Puhl employee Benefits today!

Disability Insurance vs Critical Illness Insurance


Benefits Of Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance policies provide several useful stand-alone and additional critical illness living benefits for policyholders to utilize. Some of the largest benefits critical illness insurance can provide are:

  • Financial Protection
  • Retirement Protection
  • Focus On Recovery
  • Money Back If No Claim Is Made
  • Professional Critical Illness Provider