Ever increasing amounts of business processes, and data are being accomplished and stored online. Digital business processes and documents are easily edited, shared and retrieved. Utilising the Internet more and more has allowed for more streamlined and accurate business models. Though there are risks to online business functions. Copyright infringement, electronic theft, data breaches and other issues can arise if your online services are not fully covered. Get the cyber security business owner insurance you need.

At Puhl Employee Benefits, we can help provide you with fully customizable cyber security coverage solutions. In partnership with Chubb Insurance, we are here to make sure your online data and processes remain useful and not in jeopardy. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today for more information.

Global Cyber Security

Do you have potential concerns about your company’s cyber security risks? Consider having your business fully assessed by the Chubb Global Cyber Facility. Assessments provide an interactive view for your business exposures and help provide suggestions and alterations to combat areas of concern. Some aspects that are measured are:

  • Number Of Endpoints And Network Connections
  • Software Versions
  • Industry Trust
  • IT Protection Polices
  • Levels Of Organisation Risk Adversity
  • Firewalls, Data Retention And Other Protective Measures
  • Types Of Outsourcing
  • Reliance On External Networks
  • & Other Aspects Of Online Exposure

Loss Mitigation

Based on your key cyber exposures, you can select from two areas of loss mitigation services. These are known as Signature Offerings & Signature Assessments:

  • Signature Offerings – Effective password defence measures and online security education.
  • Signature Assessments – Considers you organisations readiness to respond to cyber incidents, finds sensitive information, simulates an email test attack, provides external network tests and monitors your respective scores on an on-going basis.

Cyber Security Insurance Products

At Puhl Employee Benefits, we can offer you 2 very effective solutions to help integrate privacy into your media, external connections and business commodities.

  • Chubb Privacy Protection – An innovative coverage plan that provides a focus on loss prevention, security breaches and human error coverage. The plan covers privacy liability, data breach fund, network security liability, Internet media liability, network extortion threats.
  • Chubb DigiTech – A comprehensive coverage plan that focuses on cyber theft. The plan covers Internet errors and omission liability, electronic media liability, network security liability, privacy liability, data breach, network extortion threats and other miscellaneous professional services liability.

Premier Partner Network

Cyber policyholders have access to a number of pre-qualified protection services providers. 5 of these providers are:

  • Crowdstrike – monitor endpoint and protect from malware
  • StealthBITS – monitor insider threats and ransomware
  • Vormetric – helps to encrypt important info inside the company
  • FireEye – Enterprise security options
  • RSM– helps to maintain compliance with PCI, HPAA and more