Individual Travel Coverage

Travelling can be an exciting time but does not happen without potential risks. Regulated provincial health plans cannot cover you while you travel outside of the province. Group benefit plans often do not include benefits for recreational individual travels. Lost bags replacement expenses, injury or medical expenses, cancellation fees and more can all be negatives of travelling without individual coverage. An individual travel plan keeps you protected, so you can enjoy your out of province or out of the country adventure. Medical, trip cancellation and lost baggage coverage are all available with professional individual travel coverage plans.

Puhl Employee Benefits offers flexible individual travel coverage plan benefits. Our policies can cover single aspects of travel risks, or provide comprehensive coverage. Book an individual travel coverage consultation with Puhl Employee Benefits today!

Individual Emergency Medical Coverage

If you face an emergency medical issue while you are outside of your provincial plan, the costs may be very large. Don’t let your fun travel experience turn into a health and financial nightmare. Utilise professional individual travel insurance coverage. Medical coverage plans can offer full medical expense coverage, related service expense coverage, single and multi-trip coverage, 24/7 coverage and direct service provider payments. An individual health coverage plan makes sure you are safe in your travels around the globe.

Trip Cancellation Protection

When you have unforeseen circumstances arise and are need to cancel or delay a trip, many airlines carry fees associated with the cancellation or do not provide any sort of refund at all. Pre-paid travel arrangements, transportation options and more can also require payment, even though you will no longer be travelling. If you are stuck away from home for longer than expected the cost of meals, long distance calls and more can add up. At Puhl Employee Benefits we provide trip cancellation coverage that can help protect you from all these potential issues.

Baggage Loss Coverage For Individuals

Your bags can have numerous valuables or gifts from your travels and more that makes losing them both a financial and personal loss. A lost, damaged or stolen a bag when you depart or between travel stops of your travels can cause unwanted stress and hardship while you’re away. If your bag was lost, stolen or damaged on transfers, when you arrive home, or on your departure flight, the baggage loss insurance experts at Puhl Employee Benefits have you covered.

Flexible Travel Coverage Benefits

Individual travel coverage plans from Puhl Employee Benefits can over a range of specific coverage options for snowbird travels or vacations. Coverage can be for a single trip and multi-trip programs. Emergency medical limits are $5 million for single trips over the duration and $5 million per year of multi-trip expectancy. Trip delay and cancellation offers $10,000 coverage maximums for single trip duration and $10,000 annually for multi-trip expectancy. All of age Canadians can apply, and variable deductible and coverage day options are provided.