Canada is a wonderful place to live. Though, to many people, Canadian winters are simply not an attentive time of year. These people often make the commitment to spend their winters travelling or living in a warmer climate. If you are planning to live the snowbird life and chase summer around the globe, consider snowbird travel insurance. Without insurance, you could be at serious financial risk. Make sure your remain protected in your second home or in your various winter travels.

Puhl Employee Benefits can provide custom snowbird protection plans. We can provide single and multi-trip coverage for a variety of asset and medical protection needs. Let Puhl employee benefits keep you covered, so you can enjoy your warm winters.


A snowbird is someone who prefers to spend the winter months outside of Canada. If you are recently retired and travel in the winter or have the pleasure of working a warm climate throughout winter you are a snowbird. Simply put, Snowbirds leave when it gets cold and return for gorgeous Canadian summers. These individuals need proper travel insurance to keep them safe on the long-term travels.

If you are travelling for an entire season without coverage the risks are numerous and serious. Health issues that occur outside of Canada is not covered by provincial or national medical benefit plans and are often not covered by group benefits packages. Lost luggage or unexpected return delays are also not covered. Long-term travels without coverage can be risky and quite detrimental to your financial situation. Consider snowbird travel coverage from Puhl Employee Benefits to keep your safe.

Snowbird travel benefits include flexible coverage premiums on a range of medical expenses, trip cancellation or delays and lost luggage. These travel insurance benefits can be tailored to meet your specific budgets, needs and travel plans. Multi-trip travel plans are available for snowbirds travelling for months. For snowbirds looking to stay in a single warm climate, there are single-trip plan options available. Schedule an individual snowbird travel coverage consultation with Puhl employee Benefits today.