Having months between appointments can cause further illnesses and injuries that can put your life on hold for longer than expected!  Health Sure is an excellent risk management tool that can protect you and your loved ones from the extreme wait times and wait for lengths that can come with your specific health needs.  With faster appointment times, your recovery process can be sped up to have you back on your feet more efficiently than ever.

Health Sure has specialized plans and rates to help you see the doctors, specialists, and practitioners you need when you need them. The Health Sure Plus plan and the Health Sure Premium plan are both designed to meet the needs of a range of individuals. Puhl Employee benefits, partnered with Acure Health Group want to help manage the risks that day-to-day life can place in front of you. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today for more information on Health Sure as well as the respective plans and rates.

health sure

Health Sure plus is ideal for groups of two or more who have been placed on medical wait lists longer than 45 days. This plan allows recipients instant access to 10 specialists and practitioners in order to speed up the assessment process of individuals health needs. Cardiology, General Surgery, Neurology, Ear, Nose, Throat and more specialists wait times can all be reduced and elevitated with the Health Sure Plus plan. Feel free to contact Puhl Employee Benefits anytime with your Health Sure Plus plan questions and needs!

The main differentiating factor between Health Sure Plus and Health Sure Premium is the $150,000 assured dollars put towards a list of 21 medical issues.   The Health Sure Premium plan also provides immediate access to the 10 specialists that Health Sure plans appeal to. Applications for the Health Sure Premium Plan are efficient and are accepted through email. Don’t hesitate to call or email Puhl Employee Benefits with any Health Sure Premium Plan or general Health Sure questions, concerns or needs! We have the skills and experience to help protect you from months and even years of appointment wait times!

The rates of Health Sure plans are specifically designed based off several characteristics of the respective recipients. Health Sure rates are specialized for each specific recipient’s lifestyle, group size, and age. Health Sure Plus rates can range from below $50.00 a month for a single policy, to $200.00 a month for families or seniors. Health Sure Premium rates are also broken down into smokers and nonsmokers and take into account the exact amount of assured allocated medical dollars each prospective recipient requires. For more information regarding your specific Health Sure plan rates, contact Puhl Employee Benefits!