When you work hard for many years, your retirement should be something that you look forward too. A time in your life to relax and take time for the things you may not have previously had the time for. Though, lacking finances can make retirement a more stressful than exciting thought. Retirement planning can seem difficult and confusing. Question regarding saving amounts, ideal plans, timelines and more can make the process seem daunting. Utilise professional wealth management services and the HelloLife Retirement Income program to make sure you’re ready to get the most from your retirement. This program provides segregated funds and income annuities for policyholders.

Leave your retirement planning needs to the professionals at Puhl Employee Benefits. We have decades of experience, helping Canadians prepare to enjoy their retirement. With the HelloLife retirement income plan, Puhl Employee Benefits can keep you financially stable throughout your retirement.

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The HelloLife Retirement Income Program is an effective financial planning program that does more than help you save for the future. This program aims to provide you with income throughout the duration of your retirement so that you can enjoy your time after work has finished. With the coupled benefits of income annuities and segregated funds, you can enjoy a comfortable and paid retirement. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today for more information.

The program starts by meeting with your Puhl Employee Benefits financial security advisor. We can help define your specific financial retirement lifestyle and purchasing goals to find the ideal saving amounts for your needs. We can then work to build your retirement nest egg in two forms of funds, in order to provide a financial security through savings and income for you to enjoy. Semi-annual performance reports will be provided once the custom plan is finished being designed in order to help you stay motivated and on track.

The HelloLife Retirement Income Program works with two sets of savings:

  1. Segregated Funds- Segregated funds are managed in invested savings that aim to grown and provide financial savings security for you to utilise in your retirement.
  2. Income Annuities – Income annuities work as set income amounts that provide consistent payments to support your lifestyle throughout your retirement.

For more options and information, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today.