Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage In Times of Catastrophic Loss

AD&D coverage is a 24/7 worldwide group benefits package that protects your financial security. Policies work through the implementing of valuable living benefits during the time of a serious injury, disability, death or an otherwise catastrophic loss. Plans can help protect individuals, employees as well as their children or spouses.

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  1. Generate savings on the premium dollars of your overall benefits packages.
  2. Provide increased flexibility, while offering plans with higher benefit levels.
  3. AD&D insurance coverage offers a plan with lesser inclusions than a traditional insurance plan.
  4. Offer an efficient and completely competent claims process for those utilizing the policy.

A specialised coverage plan that employers can benefit from by helping them to protect their financial security. This plan focuses on keeping employees covered while they are on the job. This coverage helps to protect employees’ and employers financial security and liability in the occurrence of a workplace accident regardless of their job type, contract duration or weekly hourly requirements. The Occupational Accident Insurance provided by Puhl Employee Benefits can be ideal for protecting your employees.

This coverage plan can be an ideal addition to any effective liability insurance program. This program covers an individual in sponsored group activities by offsetting medical treatment expenses in the instance of an accident or injury. Team sports, clubs, care centres, community service and other sponsored recreational programs or events can each be eligible for participant accident insurance. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today for more information regarding this valuable liability addition.