09 Mar 2020

Leave Your Home Safe and Sound


In this month’s Travel Tip Tuesday, we are highlighting some key steps you can take before your next getaway to ensure you won’t have to think about your home as you see the rest of the world. These simple actions will give you peace of mind from worrying about potential problems like missed packages or broken water pipes. Focus your time on building life-long memories and relaxing away from the daily grind.


Find a House or Pet-Sitter

The best way to ensure your home is cared for while you’re away is to have someone you trust live in it. Ask a relative or close friend to move in to water plants, feed pets, pick up mail and put you completely at ease. House-sitting and pet-sitting services are available for hire if needed.


Keep Eyes on Your Property

If you are unable to get someone to house-sit for you, the next best thing is to ask a trusted neighbor to help out. They can pick up your mail, newspaper, packages and any flyers left near your front door that advertise you are away. Be sure to pick them up a little souvenir as thanks on your travels.


Hold Your Mail

If you just moved to the area or don’t like the idea of someone else watching your home, you should consider halting your mail until you return. Contact your local postal service and request a hold on your mail. Most postal services will hold your mail for up to 30 days, and will do so free of charge. You can do the same with any newspapers and other forms of deliveries.


Make Your Home Look Lived In

An occupied home will exhibit signs of being lived in, such as lights, noises and cars coming and going. You can easily create the illusion of an occupied home by setting up timers that turn on certain lights, and a radio or television to make noise for a few hours every evening. See if someone can take out your garbage and bring back the cans after it’s picked up. This will help avoid anyone taking notice that the house is empty.


Don’t Project Your Plans

As excited as you may be for your upcoming vacation, be careful about who you tell about it. Announcing your travel plans on blogs, social media, or anything public facing is something that is best avoided. If you must, keep the dates you are out of town vague, such as mentioning the season you are going. Wait until you are back home to upload your pictures or post about your experience. The less you put out there, the less likely you’ll be to invite any problems.


Pull the Plug on Electronics

Disconnecting the power to electronics in your home can save you money and eliminate worry about anything which may have unintentionally been left on. Consider flipping your breakers off for any rooms not tied to a light timer or important devices like refrigerators or security systems. You can also unplug power drawing electronics such as computers, coffee makers, and televisions. Turning off any garage doors are also an effective way of keeping your home secure from someone using a universal remote.

Take extra precautions, lock your deadbolts and windows and leave your worries behind. Don’t let the anticipation of a well-deserved vacation cause you to leave and wonder if you forgot something back home. Enjoy every moment of your trip.

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