Life insurance can be one of the most vital coverage aspects for families and couples. Losing a loved one is awful and represents a catastrophic loss for many people. The financial stress that can be created with costs and loss of income can make the loss even worse.

Life insurance provides a buffer for these financial shortcomings that can come about. Life insurance can provide you peace of mind as you age. Life insurance can be a key aspect of your personal insurance portfolio.

At Puhl Employee Benefits we have access to a number of life insurance plans and options to ensure you receive the ideal plan. Our plans are based on your needs and can be set for a specific time or in a universal fashion. Contact Puhl Employee benefits with your life insurance questions and needs.


There are two styles of life insurance policies. The different plans can be ideal for your specific life insurance needs, budgets and more. The two styles are known as Term Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance:

  1. Term Life Insurance – Is a policy that is created for a specific number of years.
  2. Universal Life Insurance – Is a policy that remains active forever

COntatc Puhl Employee Benefits for more information on your ideal Life Insurance policy duration.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness is a stressful experience. Utilise critical illness insurances can protect from expensive treatment needs and most to keep you financial stable while enduring this illness. A number of illnesses can be recognised as critical. A lump sum of money is provided to help pay for the loss of income, medical bills and more. Some individuals who are unable to work but do not qualify for disability insurance can be eligible for critical illness coverage.

If a serious injury or chronic illness leaves you unable to work, consider disability insurance can keep you financially stable. Homeowner bills, purchasing and more can quickly add up without income. A group benefits package may provide some coverage, though additional disability insurance coverage can be beneficial. At Puhl Employee Benefits we offer short and long-term disability insurance plans that are tailored to meet your requirements and personal budgets.