Personal & Group Life Insurance

Losing a loved one is horrible and is never something people enjoy thinking about. The financial burden that losing an income in a home can add to this already enormous hardship. That is why it is better to prepare to financially protect your loved ones after you pass on.  Life insurance offers financial protection in the form of tax-free benefit provided to your loved ones, should you pass away. Term life insurance is where step policy is set up for a specific set of years. Participating life insurance is a lifelong insurance program that offers insurance and financial peace of mind to those dealing with such a hard time.

At Puhl Employee Benefits, we have the experience, understanding and more to help with all your participating life insurance needs. Our team will be here when you need us to ensure you specific life insurance needs are met. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits for more life insurance information or to book a consultation today!

Puhl Employee Benefits Life Insurance Services

The life insurance experts at Puhl Employee Benefits understand how important a sound life insurance policy is to the financial security and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. That is why we work to ensure your specific life insurance needs are fully met. We can help you find and customize a policy that suits your budget and lifestyle with a provider that understands your unique needs. For all your participating life insurance needs, contact Puhl Employee Benefits!

Personal Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance


What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance plan that provides your loved ones with a tax-free cash benefit if you should pass away. Life insurance plans can remain in effect for your entire life. The costs and coverage amounts can also be fixed for life. Life insurance plan can be a part of your individual insurance plan or your group benefits package. Life insurance is the ideal policy for the ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your passing will not leave a large financial burden for your life ones. For professional Life insurance services, contact Puhl Employee Benefits!


The Benefits of Having Life Insurance

Life insurance creates a number of benefits for the policyholder and potential beneficiaries. Some of the largest benefits of a sound’s life insurance policy are:

  • Life Long Coverage – Life insurance policies provide peace of mind through lifelong coverage and fixed rates.
  • Financially Protect The People You Care About
  • Cash Value Accumulation – Life insurance policies can accumulate real cash value to able re-allocated into different aspects of your life.