Living Benefit Insurance Choices

Additional insurance options can help further buffer the devastation of being diagnosed with a critical illness. If an individual is facing a long-term hospital recovery process, hospital cash benefits can help support policyholders through this process. Additional life insurance benefits can provide increased as well as more flexible benefit plans and compensation for the families of policyholders.


At Puhl Employee Benefits we can fully assist you with designed the ideal living benefits solutions as well as help to provide increased life insurance coverage for yourself and for the employees of your business. We can help with your application, plans design and more. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits more information about the effective living benefit solutions and increased life insurance benefits available.


Critical Illness

Critical illnesses can often come without warning and leave employees unable to work. This loss of income and required treatment bills can leave families in rough financial positions. That is why critical illness insurance is so important. Additional critical illness insurance policies can often help provide more flexible, specialised and increase financial support to the designated individual. For more information on the benefits of additional critical illness coverage, contact Puhl Employee benefits today!


Hospital Cash

Long-term hospital recoveries caused by an accident or critical illness can lead to major expenses. Government based healthcare plans can often not provide adequate coverage for your hospital needs. That is why Puhl Employee Benefits can help create a plan that provides a tax–free cash benefit to help you through your recovery period. This benefit can be used in any way during the hospitalisation recovery period. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits to learn about hospital cash benefits.


Life Insurance Options

Life insurance is effective for relieving the financial burden left after a loved one has passed. Additional Life insurance options can be far more flexible and effective than an existing plan. Puhl Employee Benefits additional life insurance coverage can act in cooperation with your existing life insurance policy, or as a stand-alone coverage option. If you have any questions about the specific benefits of additional life insurance coverage, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today!