Many Alberta employees are covered under provincial health care plans. These plans can be opted out of by some business industries. Some employees of a business may not qualify for provincial plans due to their personal statuses or positions in the organization. The health safety of these employees is still the responsibility of an employer. This well-being includes keeping these employees covered for expenses required after a workplace injury or disability.

At Puhl Employee Benefits we can provide Occupational Accident Insurance to keep your non-provincially covered employees safe in the workplace. Our flexible benefit plans can be personalised to meet your specific business needs. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits for an Occupational Accidental Insurance consultation!

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  1. Occupational Accidental Insurance plans offer unique coverage by insuring employees in the instance of a workplace accident, resulting in serious injury.
  2. Your Occupational Accidental Insurance represents an affordable alternative for employers to reduce the potential risks and costs of a job site or workplace accident.

At Puhl Employee Benefits we can help your get the Occupational Accidental Insurance policy that is ideal for your business, budgets and coverage needs. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits for more information.

Occupational Accidental Insurance (OAI) provides high-level benefits and personal insurances designed to keep employees safe and offset potential costs for employees and employers when a serious workplace accident occurs. Some key features of this coverage strategy are:

  1. Coverage for accidental workplace death, total disability and or dismemberment.
  2. Accident medical benefits and weekly payments.
  3. 70% of wages lost, no waiting period and multiple claim duration options.

The following information is required to provide you with a complete quote for you Occupational Accidental Insurance:

  1. Number of insurance employees
  2. Respective employee salaries
  3. Desire plan features and limits
  4. Specific weekly benefits desired

For more information or for help with creating the perfect Occupational Accidental Insurance policy for your business and your employees, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today!