Protect Employees During Participant-Based Volunteer And Recreational Activities

Accidents can happen anywhere. Events outside if a direct job role, such as business sponsored sports teams, volunteering, clubs, and other events can still lead to serious accidents, resulting in major injuries and disability leave. Even though the occupational accident does not occur while at work, the employee’s safety and recovery can still be a liability of the employer.

Participant Accident Insurance can help to alleviate or offset theses potential costs if an accident should occur while and an employee is taking part in a work-related activity outside of the workplace. This insurance policy can help keep employees safe and looked after while alleviating the financial burden of the recovery from employers. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits with all your Participant Accident Insurance question and needs!

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  1. This additional coverage can support any liability plan by offsetting costs associated with accidents occurring during work related events or activities.
  2. Various groups and events can be covered under Participant Accident Insurance
  3. Permanent and total disability, accident medical coverage and weekly indemnity can be added to this policy.

To better understand these benefits contact Puhl Employee Benefits. We can help you get the very most from your Participant Accident Insurance policy.

A range of specific participant groups can be eligible for Participant Accident Insurance coverage. To receive a Participant Accident Insurance quote, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of group and event
  2. Event duration and dates
  3. An estimated number of event participants
  1. Participant Accident Insurance (PAI) can act as effective dismemberment and accidental death coverage in accidents that occur outside of the work premises and or outside of direct job roles.
  2. An option to include medical expense benefits.
  3. Loss of use and or claim scheduling.
  4. Double the principal sums can be made available for paralysis.
  5. A range of other specific supplemental benefits can be included.

Feel free to contact Puhl Employee Benefits with your Participant Accident Insurance questions and for help designing your ideal Participant Accident Insurance plan.