Life can have unexpected situations and potential emergencies that can lead to large and often stressful medical costs. Coupled with the notions and cost of emergency health care needs can be the health care needs associated with everyday life. To protect your family and or yourself from unexpected health care expenses consider a Personal Health Insurance plan. There is a variety of excellent Personal Health Insurance plans and coverage options that can be customized to meet the specific lifestyle of any Canadian family and individual alike!

Personal Health Insurance Plans can be selected and designed to meet your individual needs.  Proactive, comprehensive, and basic pans are all available, with additional coverage and allocation options, so that clients can be sure to find exactly what they need.  Puhl Employee Benefits in partnership with GMS have the plan for you. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today for more information, or to schedule a Personal Health Insurance consultation!


For superior, proactive and extensive Personal Health Insurance for you and your family select the OmniPlan! This plan offers complete health insurance coverage, with a variety of special benefits that come together to provide recipients complete peace of mind in regard to their medical insurance needs. Some of the benefits of the OmniPlan include massage therapy, preferred hospital rooms, physiotherapy and much more. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to learn how the OmniPlan can completely protect the medical needs of you and your family!  

The Extanda Plan provides comprehensive health coverage, with a variety of extended benefits. Medical emergencies, glasses, medical equipment coverage, and coverage for an absolute range of health specialist is provided with the Extanda Plan.  This plan is perfect for individuals and families who require extended health insurance coverage for medical emergencies as well as in their day-to-day lives. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today with any questions about how the Extanda Plan can be the ideal option for you and your family’s Personal Health Insurance requirements!

The Basic Plan is ideal for families and individuals looking for Personal Health Coverage for emergencies or fundamental health issues not covered in current Provincial health plans. Ambulance rides, hospital room advantages, as well as in-hospital drugs can all be covered with Basic Plan.  If you have any questions or concerns with the Basic Plan and its advantages, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today. We have the skills and experience to help you understand the exact benefits and coverage options available with the Basic Plan.

If you require additional Personal Health Insurance on top of your selected GMS plan consider the variety of Additional Coverage options. Examples of potential Additional Coverage plans can include travel insurance, coverage for prescription drug requirements, dental coverage and much more. Additional Coverage options can truly transform a Personal Health Insurance plan into a plan that perfectly suits your needs. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits for more information regarding the Personal Health Insurance Additional Coverage options available today!