Insurance to cover your own personal risk, as well as the potential risk faced by your loved ones can come in handy in a number of ways. Personal insurance can cover a range of potential risks and specific coverage plans. Various levels of insurance can cover specific financial limits, and specific situations. Whether you are retiring, changing career paths or working without benefits, personal insurance coverage plans can be ideal for your specific coverage needs.

Utilize professional personal insurance services today to protect yourself and or your loved ones from the risks that our daily lives encounter! At Puhl Employee Benefits we have the skills, knowledge and experience to handle your specific personal insurance needs. Contact us today to schedule and consultation or for more personal insurance information!



What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance is a specific coverage plan for individuals that do not receive group benefits as well as individuals looking for coverage that extends outside of Alberta’s provincial coverage plans. Personal health insurance can cover an absolute range of respective personal coverage options. Some of the personal health insurance coverage options are:

    • Prescription Drug Expenses
    • Emergency Medical Services Outside of Alberta
    • Practitioners Specialists and Physiotherapists
    • Medical Equipment and Ambulance Services

Basic, Standard, and Enhanced personal health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage and flexible plans that work for you.


The Benefits Of Personal Insurance

Personal insurance plans can provide several great benefits for the recipient and their loved ones. Medical, emergency, wellness and other important potential personal expenses can be partial and even completely covered with a personal insurance plan provided by Puhl Employee Benefits. Consider perianal insurance if you:

  • You do not receive benefits through your employment
  • You are losing your employment or other group coverage
  • You need additional coverage outside of your work plan
  • You have recently lost group benefits and need immediate coverage
  • You have a pre-existing medical condition
  • You need a plan that covers your high current health needs with lower coverage levels for future health issues that may arise


Personal Insurance Plans

Different personal health insurance packages have different benefits and limits that can each be ideal for your specific coverage needs. Personal health insurance plans offered by Puhl Employee Benefits can be represented by three different plans:

  • Basic Plan – The least expensive personal insurance plan
  • Standard Plan- the most commonly selected personal insurance plan
  • Enhanced Plan – the most extensive personal insurance plan

Call or email Puhl Employee benefits today with all your personal insurance needs. Our team is here to help with every step towards creating and implementing the ideal personal insurance plan for your lifestyle and specific coverage needs. Protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted medical expenses with a personal health insurance plan from Puhl Employee Benefits.