Insurance, benefits and various coverage options can be vital for the success of your business. From personal insurance to group benefits, to travel coverage to various other potential coverage needs, a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) can keep you and your employees covered. Make sure you trust your Calgary PHSP needs to an experienced professional.


Accidents happen. It is never a bad idea to prepare for these accidents wit a variety of PHSP options and coverage platforms. PHSP’s can represent the ideal protection plan for your employee, family member, and personal well-being.

The team of PHSP professionals at Puhl Employee Benefits is here to serve your Calgary PHSP needs. With several decades of experience, helping clients across Calgary, Puhl Employee Benefits has what it takes to protect you, your employees and your business. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today to schedule a PHSP consultation!


PHSP Group Benefits

PHSP group benefits and insurance packages are ideal for servicing the coverage needs of many individuals with a single coverage plan. At Puhl Employee Benefits we provide flexible plans to meet the specific needs of your employees and or loved ones. Group savings plans and RRSP’s can help a variety of individuals prepare for a prosperous future. Group disability coverage can be the ideal disability insurance package to protect your loved ones and or employees. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to learn more about our PHSP group benefit plans!

PHSP Insurance Plans

PHSP Insurance plans, provided by Puhl Employee Benefits have numerous benefits. PHSP Insurance plans can help with your dental, vision, prescription and a range of other important health needs. With tax savings and nor premiums PHSP Insurance plans can be the ideal package for your business and family or needs. The ‘pay-as-you-claim’ format of our PHSP insurance plans makes them easy to use for any perspective client. If you have any questions regarding your PHSP needs, call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today!

PHSP Health & Dental

PHSP health and dental plans are ideal for protecting your employees and or loved ones from any health and or dental issues they incur. This flexible plan is designed and built with your specific coverage needs in mind. PHSP health and dental plans can cover an absolute range of potential dental and or health issues. The PHSP health and dental plans offered by Puhl Employee Benefits could represent the ideal coverage plan for your needs!


PHSP Travel Plans

At Puhl Employee Benefits we offer a range of great PHSP Travel cover options and plans to suit the specific needs of your employees and loved ones. To qualify employees must be actively employed and be of legal age. The flexible PHSP travel coverage plans offered by Puhl Employee Benefits are ideal for protection your employees for ma range of health issues they can face while out of province.  With a range of potential benefits, coupled with very flexible pan step-up and resource allocation options, Puhl Employee Benefits PHSP Travel plans can represent the ideal travel coverage plan for your employees!

Sign-Up For PHSP

Signing up for your PHSP plan can be the first step towards receiving the ideal coverage for your specific needs. Feel free to utilize our online PHSP sign-up sheet for your PHSP sign-up needs.  If you have any questions regarding the official process and or benefits of a PHSP sign-up, feel free to contact Puhl Employee Benefits today. Our expert team is here to help you with all your PHSP sign-up needs!