Are you undergoing any career changes, or are losing any health or dental coverage from a past or current employer? Then consider a Replacement Health Coverage Plan. These plans can represent the ideal option for staying protected after your existing employer coverage plan ends. As long as your application is submitted within 60 days of losing your employer coverage, you will be accepted! Contact Puhl Employee Benefits with any of your Replacement Health Coverage questions or for any Replacement Health Coverage services!

Our replacement coverage plans have a variety of options, with varying benefits to accommodate your health and coverage needs. At Puhl we try to accommodate the needs of our clients, that is why we partner with GMS to provide replacement coverage for transition periods in life. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns regarding replacement coverage and replacement coverage plans.


This is the most in-depth and widespread Replacement Health Coverage Plan.  The Premier Health Coverage Plan offers extensive coverage for your new and pre-existing prescriptions, other health benefits, as well as extended medical and travel insurance. Your Physiotherapy, Dental, Vision, Massage, and many other medical needs are completely covered with the Premier Plan.   Call Puhl Employee Benefits to discuss how the Premier Plan can keep you covered across the board when your employer coverage comes to an end!

The Choice Health Coverage Plan is a Replacement Health Coverage plan that improves upon much of the Essential Plan benefits. Similar to the Essential Plan, the Choice Plan covers all of your vital medical needs missed by your provincial plan, but increases several coverage maximums and the range of what is covered.  Ranges of higher coverage limits as well as the coverage of all of your necessary medical prescriptions, highlight some of the key differentiating advantages associated with the Choice Plan. To schedule a consultation regarding the Choice Plan for Replacement Health Coverage, call Puhl Employee Benefits!

The Essential Plan is designed to keep you covered for all emergency health essentials that aren’t provided for with your provincial plan. If you employer coverage is coming to an end, consider the Essential Plan to keep yourself covered in your day-to-day life.  Dental, Hearing and a variety of other emergency health needs can keep you protected after your employment coverage is over. Puhl Employee Benefits can help to explain this plan as well as help to properly utilize the coverage maximums. Contact us today for more information!