Retirement planning is a key aspect of your wealth management efforts. But when saving considerations are not enough, you need to look at further options. Don’t sacrifice your desired retiree lifestyle.

Retirement income is a way of gaining income from your savings and investments while your enjoy your retirement. There are a number of ways to generate your desired level of retirement income. Annuities, guaranteed interest options and specifically designed plans can help you.

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Income Annuities

Income annuities provide a secure and guaranteed retirement income. These annuities are designed around your needs and budgets. You are able to pay into the account while you lead up to retirement so that you can receive guaranteed payments when you are retired. You can also set the term length or set the annuity to pay out until death. Income annuities act as your retirement paycheque, as the number will not decrease and increase with market fluctuations.

Guaranteed Interest Options

Guaranteed interest options (GIOs) are guaranteed investment accounts that are protected by a specified rate of return. Investment terms can be set anywhere from 30 days to several years. GIOs can also be “cashed out” without penalty. This investment account offers less risk in regards to market swings, as the return rate is assured by the investment style. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to learn more about how, in partnership with Great West Life Insurance, we can provide you with guaranteed retirement income.


HelloLife is the most comprehensive retirement income option. This plan is designed with annuities and segregated funds that work in cooperation to provide you’re a predictable income throughout your retirement. Based on your retirement goals, your advisor and you can create and ideal HelloLife savings plan that can be transformed into large income amounts to financially support your retirement lifestyle. The plan is customised by you and can offer guaranteed income along with low-risk saving options.

Lifetime Income Benefit (LIB)

A lifetime income benefit helps you to utilise your hard earned savings throughout your retirement. When you select a segregated fund policy, the lifetime income benefits can be added to the policy. The lifetime income benefit provides a guaranteed retirement income from your segregated fund policy. You are able to select the ideal income payout amounts, thus creating shortened or longer payment terms. If you do not have government pensions plans or any retirement annuities, a lifetime income benefits can be the ideal choice for you.