Your retirement is an exciting opportunity to live the work-free lifestyle you have always envisioned. To ensure that you are able to reach your personal and financial retirement goals you must first prepare and establish the necessary savings. Retirement planning amounts can range based on your retirement goals, income & lifestyle.

Retirement planning helps you to attain and enjoy the retirement you deserve. Your dream retirement can be achieved with the lifestyle and financially stability you require to enjoy yourself. Experienced retirement planning consultants can help you get the most from your retirement and from your retirement savings plan. It is never too early to start planning and working towards the lifestyle of your dreams!

Puhl Employee Benefits can help you plan for your retirement, setting up the proper RRSP’s, Investment Funds and benefits. We are here to help identify your retirement goals and to provide a customized plan to match your retirement needs. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to get started planning your retirement!

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Your retirement saving goals will depend on your lifestyle and your personal savings. Three major aspects to consider when deciding on your retirement saving goals are:

  1. Your Age – How old you are when you begin saving for your retirement plays a direct role in the amounts you need to put away for retirement. Generally speaking, the younger a person is when they begin to plan and save for retirement, the less money they will consistently have to put aside to reach their retirement goals.
  2. Your Retirement Goals – Whether you want to live happily by your family’s side or desire to travel the world, an actionable retirement plan is the first step towards achieving these goals.
  3. Your Government Benefits – Upon retirement, you may receive various government benefits such ass the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), the Guaranteed Income supplements (GIS) and many others. If you are eligible for these benefits you may be able to reach your retirement goals with lower saving requirements.

There is a different retirement savings plan for everyone. An individual’s lifestyle, budgets, & retirement goals will all dictate how you plan your retirement. Three common retirement planning options that can help you financially prepare to enjoy your retired lifestyle:

  1. RRSP – A Registered Retirement Savings Plan allows your savings grow tax-free as long as you are finically committed to the pan. RRSPs can be designed to meet your specific investment strategies.
  2. TFSA – Tax-Free Savings Accounts provide tax-free savings for your income. These accounts can be ideal for retirement planning and for large purchases.
  3. Workplace Retirement Savings – Group savings plans can utilize your pay cheque to immediately contribute to your retirement planning. Employer contributions can allow for much larger savings benefits.
  4. HelloLife Retirement Income Program 

Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to make sure your retirement savings plan matches your needs. We have the experience and knowledge to develop the plan and investment platform that is perfect for you and your retirement. Let us help you with attaining the retired lifestyle of your dreams. Book a Retirement Planning consultation with Puhl Employee Benefits today!

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