Utilize a segregated fund to professionally diversify your investments. Market swings can seriously hinder investment values and the efforts of investments are largely affected by the changes in the respective markets. Segregated funds diversify your investments in order to minimize the impacts of potential markets declines. A diversified investment portfolio offers increased security and often yields higher returns for your investments. A segregated fund can often be seen as a more diversified form of a mutual fund they pose less risk.

Segregated funds offer a great opportunity to create a return on your investment and help stabilize long-term financial security. At Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. our team has training and experience working with segregated funds and segregated fund management, we can help to diversify your pooled investments in order to provide the most secure and sustainable investment plan possible. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to learn how segregated funds can help you reach your personal or business investment goals nad help you with retirement planning & income.

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Segregated funds management services from Puhl Employee Benefits work to diversify your pooled investments in order to shield them from potential drops in the market. Segregated funds can offer the benefits if pooled investments, with more security for your investment. Your segregated fund can be used to provide you with a lump sum of returns or regular return payments. The investment platform of your segregated funds can be made to specifically meet your investment goals, your levels of investment comfort and personal budgets.

Segregated funds can offer investors a range of great benefits. 3 major benefits of the diversified investment packages are:

  1. A properly diversified and segregated fund can provide credit protection from potential financial owing’s or legal issues.
  2. Segregated funds offer an efficient way to pass on your wealth to loved ones once you pass on.
  3. Segregated funds can often incorporate a lifetime income benefit (LIB). This makes a set income for you to receive that will not be altered by the performance of your segregated fund.