Group Benefits can be very effective for protecting your lifestyle when accidents happen at work or serious a health issue stops you from being able to work. Though, there is a chance that the group benefits package does not fully meet your coverage requirements, based around your specific work duties. These gaps can exist for a full-time employee’s plan or with a non-employee, who is not fully eligible for all group benefits. These coverage gaps can be filled with special risk solutions to help ensure that you stay protected throughout your business duties and travels. These special solution products can work to coverage your travel insurance needs in various forms of travels as well as varying locations.

If you have concerns about potential coverage gaps in your group benefits plans, contact Puhl Employee Benefits. We can help create an effective special solution plan that is ideal for your needs. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to discuss your special solution coverage options.

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These speciality products are able to work in cooperation with your existing plan to ensure that you remain covered. Non-employees, part-time employees, board members and contract employees can each benefit from these additional coverage options. Personal accident policies, travel benefits and security products are all available. Each speciality plan is designed for you specifically. For more information on how Puhl Employee Benefits can work to fill the potential coverage gaps in your group benefits package, call or email us today!

If your coverage plan does not provide fully comprehensive coverage for your out of country travels, this could place you and your employer at risk. War risk coverage specifically works to protect employees who travel to volatile countries and face potential health risks. Many group packages do not provide this full coverage, so utilise added protection from in order to keep yourself and your workplace safe during your work-related travels. Products that contain security coverage can also be ideal for keeping you safe in a potentially high-risk travel locations.

Group plans often solely cover travel in a commercial aircraft. Though, employees are often required to travel on a leased aircraft, in a vehicle or in another form of workplace travel. Employers maintain a responsibility to keep employees safe in any instance of travel. Whether your travels involve a variety of local errands and meetings or you are consistently required to travel to less than safe location, consider implementing a special travel solution to fortify your coverage plan and manage your travel risks.