Critical illness diagnosis can often come as an absolute shock to families. The illnesses may require frequent and expensive treatment services that can create a large financial burden for families facing critical illness. Utilize a group critical illness insurance plan to protect your specified group members and their loved ones from unforeseen critical illnesses and their respective expenditures.

Group critical illness insurance plans can be enormously valuable should an insured individual or their family member come to be diagnosed with a critical illness. These plans help by providing tax-free sums of money to act as financial support for treatment plans and their costs. Group critical illness coverage plans can be a great option for any specified group of individuals.

Puhl Employee Benefits can help with all your group critical illness insurance needs. In partnership with SSQ insurance we provide specially built critical illness coverage plans that can be perfect for the needs of your coverage group. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits with your Calgary group critical illness coverage needs!


Group critical illness insurance showcases numerous benefits for families hit with a critical illness diagnosis.  SSQ group critical illness insurance plans cover over 40 different critical illnesses with a range of benefits. The insurance plans help with medical benefits, medical opinions, waving medical premiums, creating illness plans and much more.   SSQ group critical illness plans, provided by Puhl Employee benefits can represent ideal coverage options for your specific coverage group. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today with your group critical illness needs!

Submitting a claim for your SSQ group critical illness insurance plan, provided through Puhl Employee Benefits, is as simple as submitting the appropriate form.  To retrieve the claim form specific to your plan, contact the individual who created and maintains your specific group critical illness coverage plan. Once you have retrieved and properly filled out the form, simply submit it using one of the convenient SSQ claim submission services. Puhl Employee Benefits is here to help you with any claim questions, needs or issues. Contact us today with your group critical illnesses insurance claim submission needs!

Group critical illness coverage plans are specialty forms of group benefits.   These plans showcase how Puhl Employee Benefits, in partnership with SSQ insurance is able to provide group benefit packages that are ideal for the needs of your specific group. The plans are flexible and designed with your coverage groups specific needs in mind.  Puhl Employee Benefits works to develop group critical insurance coverage strategies that perfectly suit the needs of your coverage group. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to learn how we can build group critical illness coverage plan that meets and even exceeds the specific needs of your insured’s individuals.