Ensure the dental needs of your employees or other specified insured groups with group dental insurance plans. Group dental coverage plans protect your employees and or group members from a variety of potential dental expenses. Group dental insurance plans can provide advantages for employees and employers alike.

Specific industries, occupations, and lifestyle can all lead to varying levels and avenues of dental needs. Develop a specialized SSQ group health insurance plan to best suit the needs of your desired group. SSQ plans offered with the expertise of Puhl Employee Benefits can be designed and utilized to perfectly suit the needs of your group.

Puhl Employee Benefits has the experience and skills to help with each and every of your group dental coverage needs. In partnership with SSQ Insurance, we are able to offer a variety of beneficial and flexible coverage plans for your employees or other identified groups. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today to learn why the SSQ group dental coverage plans might be ideal for your group coverage needs!


Providing group dental insurance to employees or any selected group of individuals provides several benefits. Employees feel safe in the knowledge that their dental needs are covered, and feel that their employer truly cares about their well-being. SSQ dental plans, provided through Puhl Employee Benefits are specialized to suit the lifestyles your specific group of members. Plans can provide basic dental coverage, major dental restoration services and even orthopedic services, depending on the specifics of the plan contract. If you have any question regarding the advantages of SSQ group dental insurance plans, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today!

SSQ group dental insurance claims can be submitted using any of the three convenient claim submission services. If you have an SSQ card, simply submit the card to your dentist, and you will be simply required to pay fees not covered by your group dental coverage plan. You can also submit your group dental insurance claim using the SSQ Mobile services app. Finally mail submissions are accepted. Simply fill out the proper claim submission forms and send them along with your dental invoices.  There are convenient group dental insurance claim submission services for any potential coverage group!

At Puhl Employee Benefits we want to make group dental coverage plan that are ideal for your specified group. We understand that different groups of individuals will have different dental needs and require different coverage benefits.  That is why we offer SSQ group dental insurance plans. These plan are developed with the flexibility to constantly keep the needs of your employees or specific coverage group in mind. Call Puhl Employee Benefits today to schedule a group dental coverage plan consultation. We can help you to develop an SSQ group dental insurance plan that is ideal for any specified group of employees and individuals.