Disability leave affects employees and businesses across Calgary and Canada. Employees face injuries, stress levels and more that can require them to leave work for short and or long term disability periods. Don’t let the disability leave last longer than it needs to, and be very costly for you and or your disabled employees.

Group disability insurance plans are ideal for providing the potential disability coverage needed to numerous individuals under a single group contract. Group disability insurance provides the health support, communication and guidance, that can help your employees get back to work safer and sooner. These plans help to improve the lives and engagement of your employees and or specified group members.

The group disability insurance plans offered by Puhl Employee Benefits, in partnership with SSQ Insurance, can represent the ideal plan for the needs of your specific group. The plans offer great disability support benefits, and can be designed to suit the requirements and lifestyle of your identified group of coverage. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today to learn how SSQ group disability insurance plans may be ideal for your business or coverage group.


Group disability insurance plans help your covered group members and or employees with the long or short term disability needs.  SSQ group disability insurance plans, offered through Puhl Employee benefits provide the health support and financial aid to ease the burden of the disability, and help the insured individual return to their previous position safely and efficiently.  These plans provide scheduled meeting to discuss any disability files, and advocate for a communicative approach. We want to make sure that you, the insured employee or individual, any involved physicians, and the contract provider are all aware of the details and position of the current group disability insurance plan.

To make claims for your SSQ group disability insurance plan, you must contact the individual responsible for your specific group insurance plan. This person will provide you with a group disability insurance claim form. Three individuals must then fill out the claim form. You, your physician and the employer or the individual who created the group disability insurance contract are responsible for filling out the claim submission form. If you have any questions about claim submissions or your SSQ group disability insurance plans, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today!

SSQ group insurance disability plans are offered though Puhl Employee Benefits to groups and businesses across Calgary. We have the skills and industry knowledge to help you get the most from your group disability insurance plan. The team of professional advisors at Puhl Employee Benefits can help with your claims, limitation of the plan, general plan information and more Contact Puhl Employee Benefits today with you concerns, questions or SSQ group disability insurance plan needs!