Group health insurance plans protect the health and wellness of several individuals with a single benefits package. Group health insurance plans can be tailored and customized to meet the specific needs of your employees and or specified group. Protect and advocate for the health of your employees with a strong group health insurance plan.

A variety of medical, hospital, and other health related expenses can all be covered with group health insurance plans. Experienced and professional insurance providers can offer the most beneficial group health insurance plans, and help you too get the most from your respective plan. SSQ group insurance plans, offered through Puhl Employee Benefits represent great Group health insurance programs.

Puhl Employee Benefits has decades of experience helping business owners and others with their group health insurance needs. We have the skills to help build and allocate your SSQ group health insurance plan, to ensure your group’s needs are fully met. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today with your Calgary group health insurance needs!


The SSQ group health insurance plans, offered by Puhl Employee Benefits can cover an absolute range of health related expenses.  Each group health insurance plan is specially built and designed with the specific needs of each group in mind. Hospital expenses that reach beyond your provincial plans can be covered.  Medical supplies, medical professional services, and more can all be provided with your SSQ group health insurance plan. The specifics of your group health coverage plan are set with your initial contract. For the details of your plan, or to learn more, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today!

There are three major ways to submit a SSQ group health insurance claim.  Logging into your profile on the SSQ Secure Members website will provide you with further instructions to submit an online claim. You can also submit your claim very conveniently with the SSQ Mobile Services platform. Finally, you can submit claims by mail. Simply refer to your original contract provider for the proper forms and processes. If you have any further questions regarding claim submission for your SSQ group health insurance plan, call Puhl Employee Benefits today!

For more than 20 years, Puhl Employee Benefits has been helping business owners and other individuals with their group health benefit needs.  Our team of insurance professionals works to provide flexible group health insurance plans that meet the specific and potentially unique needs of your group.  In partnership with SSQ, we are able to offer a variety of additional health insurance coverage options that can make the group health coverage plan ideal for your specific group. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to learn more about the SSQ group health insurance plans and their advantages today!