The passing of a loved one can be one of the hardest things that families will ever have to go through. The expenses associated with the death, as well as the upcoming life expenses associated with the loss of income on the household, can make the situation much harder for the family. Protect the families of your employees or any group of coverage with a good group life insurance plan.

Group life insurance plans help to provide some financial peace of mind to the grieving family. Plans can provide financial aide for a range of costs and potential hardships for the family of your group life insurance plan members. Puhl Employee Benefits offers SSQ group life insurance plans in the different options to provide a plan that is ideal for your specific group.

The professionals at Puhl Employee Benefits have been providing group life insurance plans for clients across Calgary for several years. In partnership with SSQ Insurance, Puhl Employee Benefits is able to provide flexible group life insurance plans for your specific coverage group. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to learn more about group and personal life insurance.


Puhl Employee Benefits in partnership with SSQ Insurance offers great group life insurance benefits packages. These plans help grieving and struggling families with unwanted expenses, which can come to add onto the pain of their horrible loss. The plans offered by SSQ Insurance and Puhl Employee benefits are customizable in regards to the additional options, and specialty coverage services. The plan can be developed in term, permanent and universal terms.  If you have any group life insurance question or needs, don’t hesitate to call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today!

Group life insurance plans are not only great for providing several people with coverage, but the coverage provided with these plans also help several families through a nearly unbearable situation. SSQ basic life insurance benefits provide the family members of the deceased coverage member with a portion of their salary for associated expenses. Optional life insurance plans provide the opportunity to add additional services and benefits to better suit the specific need of your group. Finally SSQ life insurance plans, provided through Puhl Employee Benefits can incorporate several different styles of specialized life insurance packages, such as accidental death, critical illness and more!

You can trust all your group life insurance needs to Puhl Employee Benefits.  We have helped and continued to help several small and medium sized businesses, along with other specific coverage groups across Calgary with their group life insurance needs. Our team of insurance professionals has the experience and skills to help with all your group life insurance needs. SSQ group life insurance plans are specially built to meet the needs of your specific group. The team at Puhl Employee Benefits can help to ensure that all the proper steps are taken to help you get the most from your SSQ group life insurance plan. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits for more information!