Prescription drugs can play major short and potentially long term roles in both the functionality and enjoyment of life for several member of your group of coverage. These medicines can often become quite costly and create large financial burdens for your employees, or any potential members of your coverage group. To ensure that these members can receive the medicine they need, consider a group prescription coverage plan.

Group prescription drug plans provide financial aid towards acquiring the prescribed medicines that your specific group members need. Easier access to required medicines can lead to more involved and appreciative employees. As prescription drugs are very serious substances, group prescription insurance coverage plans should provide professional medical supervision and only be offered by trusted insurance providers.

Puhl Employee Benefits has years of experience providing top quality group prescription insurance plans for business owners across Calgary and the surrounding areas. In partnership with SSQ Insurance, we provide specialized group prescription drug insurance plans that are made to perfectly suit your desired group. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits with your group prescription drug coverage needs!


Group prescription drug coverage plans provide price reductions and reimbursements on important prescription medicines. The purpose of group prescription drug insurance plans are to ensure that the members of your coverage group can get the medicine they need, without facing enormous financial barriers.  SSQ group prescription drug insurance plans are effective and flexible to provide the most benefits for your specific group’s needs. Feel free to call or email Puhl Employee Benefits anytime with your SSQ group prescription drug insurance pan questions and needs!

There are two convenient ways to submit your SSQ group prescription drug insurance claim. The first way is by providing your SSQ card to the pharmacist when paying for prescription medicine, and you will only be required to pay the uninsured portion. The second claim submission format is the SSQ Mobile Services app. The app allows you to use you mobile device to fill out and submit your group prescription drug insurance claim form. If you have any questions or require assistance with your claim submission, contact Puhl Employee Benefits!

Group prescription drug insurance is offered as an option included under health insurance. These plans are ideal for helping your employees or coverage members with any of their current or potential costs associated with their prescription drug needs. SSQ group prescription drug insurance plans, are overseen by expert physicians can that work to ensure the health of group members, as well as provide cost control suggestions to help you get the most from your plan. Group prescription drug insurance plans can provide prescription drug coverage to several people, with safe supervision and professional consultation services. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to learn more!