Travelling supports the idea of opportunity. For individuals, it is exploration, and or relaxation. For businesses, it can be to reach new heights of operation and to explore new prospects. Don’t let your travels be hindered, or even abruptly ended by an uninsured mishap or expenditure.

Utilize a group travel insurance plan, to protect any group of traveling coverage members. Group travel insurance plan cover a range of insurance benefits, as well as trip services. Group travel insurance plans can help to ensure that your group of coverage is able to get the most from their travels.

Puhl Employee Benefits offers SSQ group travel insurance plan that is specially designed to meet the specific need of your group. Our team of experts wants to help guide and design the use of your plan to help your group members and or employees get the most from their group travel insurance plan.


Group travel insurance plans are custom built to meet the specific lifestyles of your group members. These plans offer ranges of valuable benefits. Trip insurance advantages such as extended or shortened stays; cancellation coverage, baggage insurance and more can be provided with your group travel coverage plan. SSQ group travel insurance plans also provide great complimentary, multi-annual trip and emergency medical services that will provide protection and peace of mind for the travelling group members. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today with your SSQ group travel insurance needs!

As SSQ group travel insurance is usually included under a health insurance contact; the claim submission options are similar.  Utilizing the SSQ Secure Members website is the fist way. Secondly there is the SSQ Mobile Services app that you can submit your claim with. You can also mail in the appropriate benefits claim form to submit your group travel insurance claim.  SSQ group travel insurance offered through Puhl Employee Benefits promotes convenience and variety in the claim submission process, to ensure that there is a viable submission service for any prospective insured individual.

Puhl Employee Benefits and SSQ Insurance understand that different industries, groups of coverage and lifestyle all require likely differing group travel insurance benefits. SSQ group travel insurance plan, provided by Puhl Employee Benefits are specially designed and allocated with specific needs of the coverage group in mind, so that you can get the most from your plan. If you have any questions regarding the expenses, exclusions and coverage maximums associated with your SSQ group travel insurance plan, contact Puhl Employee Benefits. We are here to help you get the absolute most from your group travel coverage!