One Policy for Life, Critical Illness, and Disability Insurance to Protect You from Unexpected Accidents or Illness

Puhl Employee Benefits in partnership with Manulife Insurance offers Synergy Insurance plans to help meet several of your important insurance needs with a single plan. Don’t let various insurance needs result in excessive costs. Utilize this bundle package to keep you completely covered with a single pool of fund.

Synergy Insurance plans utilize a pool of funds to meet 3 of your vital insurance needs with one benefits package. You life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance can all be covered with a Manulife Synergy insurance policy provided through Puhl Employee benefits. The synergy plan has the coverage options and flexibility to meet at your life, disability, and critical illness insurance needs.

The team at Puhl employee Benefits has over 30 years of experience helping Calgary clients with a range of specific insurance needs. We can help to provide the ideal Manulife Synergy insurance plan to meet your lifestyle. Contact Puhl employee Benefits today to learn how the Manulife Synergy insurance plan is right for you


Benefits of Synergy Insurance Plans

Manulife Synergy issuance packages provided through Puhl Employee Benefits have a variety of great benefits. The Synergy plans work as a single policy covering your life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance needs. You are able to set up a plan between $100,000 and $500,000 depending on your specific lifestyle and forecasted insurance needs. The total amount of your plan is then utilized as a pool of funds providing coverage for each of the three specific insurance platforms. The flexibility of specific fund allocation options and bundled coverage advantages make the Manulife Synergy insurance plans, offered by Puhl Employee Benefits ideal for a range of potential clients

Synergy Insurance With Puhl Employee Benefits

Puhl Employee Benefits has numerous years of experience helping home and business owners with their individual and group insurance needs. In order to receive an insurance plan that covers a variety of your living protection needs, utilize Manulife Synergy insurance plans. Puhl Employee Benefits in partnership with Manulife Insurance can provide Synergy insurance plans that cover you life, disability and critical illness coverage needs. We can help to craft a plan that has an ideal limit for you lifestyle and personal character. Call or email Puhl Employee Benefits today to set up a Manulife Synergy insurance plan consultation!

Disability benefits are a major avenue of coverage provided with every Synergy insurance plan.  The Manulife Synergy insurance policies offered through Puhl Employee Benefits cover your disability insurance needs with two separate limits in mind. Your monthly Synergy insurance disability insurance limits are the lesser of 0.5% of your total Synergy insurance policy limit or the available amount of disability insurance outlined. Disability insurance can often be an additional expense or even a separate policy with other insurance plans. With Manulife Synergy insurance plans provided by Puhl Employee Benefits your disability needs are completely covered with the pooled funds of your overarching Synergy policy.

Another major aspect of coverage with Manulife Synergy Plans provided by Puhl Employee Benefits is the coverage of your potential critical illness needs. Your critical illness needs can take up to 25% of your total Synergy policy funds. The available amount of possible insurance associated with your critical illness needs can also act as the limit of your critical illness needs.  Critical illness coverage can become ultimately beneficial if you or a loved one becomes diagnosed with a critical illness. If you have any questions about the specific critical illness coverage provided by your Synergy insurance policy, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today!

The third and final aspect of Manulife Synergy insurance plans offered by Puhl Employee Benefits is life insurance. Losing a loved one is often one of the hardest things a family will ever go through.  Combating upcoming bills and or the loss of income in the home can quickly make the loss of the individual even harder to handle. Life insurance coverage is in place to offer financial peace of mind to the family, if the death of an insured individual occurs. Synergy insurance policies can offer the entire pool of Synergy benefit funds to your loved ones in the case of your death. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits to learn more about the benefits of Synergy life insurance.