Universal Life Insurance Coverage

Universal life insurance is a unique and advanced form of participating life issuance. This means that universal life insurance provides traditional lifelong coverage should you pass away. Universal life insurance goes above this plan by adding a tax-free investment component to the policy. This component can be used to investments in a range of potential options that you decide upon. Universal life insurance is a very customizable life insurance plan that allows you to utilize a tax-free investment aspect, on top of the traditional life insurance coverage policy.

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Puhl Employee Benefits Universal Life Insurance 

If you have any questions about any aspect of a universal life insurance policy, contact Puhl Employee Benefits today! As a benefits management company, we can find and implement the plan and policy provider that best matches your needs and budget. We can help you get the most from your universal life insurance plan. At Puhl Employee Benefits we have the skills and experience to help with every aspect of your life insurance and employee benefits. Call or email us today to set up a universal life insurance consultation!


Universal Life Insurance vs. Traditional Life Insurance

The factor of universal life insurance that makes it unique from traditional participating life insurance policies is the aspect of premium payment allocation and a tax-free investment sum. Money that you pay into the policy is allocated towards paying the policy fees and holds a remainder. This remainder is then presented to you as a flexible tax-free investment sum, which you can completely choose how to invest. Universal life insurance is ideal for those looking to gain an added benefit from their insurance policy.


Benefits Universal Life Insurance

Univeral life insurance plans have numerous benefits for the policyholder and potential beneficiaries. Some of the largest benefits of a universal life insurance policy are:

  • Flexible Lifelong Coverage – coverage for life with the flexibility to match your ever changing lifestyle and respective coverage needs.
  • The power to choose – you can select where your investment sum is invested.
  • Set your own schedule – Payments are made on a schedule that is designed around your lifestyle and budget.
  • Build wealth – tax- free investment sum can be used to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Leave a legacy – your investments can make a difference in your community or in the lives of those you care about.